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Kamloops Honda can help you through the long winter months and the slick summer streets with industry leading tires and services. Our goal is to provide complete care for your vehicle, all the way down to the tires! Tires are an expensive investment, and if installed properly and stored with care, they should last for a very long time.

We perform all tire services from mounting, and balancing your existing tires to purchasing a new set of tires. We offer tires for every season and tire storage to ensure that your off season set of tires is safe and out of the way. With our special offer of 365 days of tire storage Kamloops Honda prides itself in helping our customers take proper care of their vehicle’s assets at an affordable price.

Shop the top tire brands and services at Kamloops Honda Tire Centre.

Good Year
BF Goodrich
Fire Stone
UNI Roya;
General Tires

Affordable Prices

  • Wide selection of top brands with a price match guarantee
  • Tire storage package starting at only $100/ yearly


  • Peace of mind for your family
  • Tire Storage bins are clean, locked, and out of harm’s way
  • Professional installation and balancing


  • No more getting yourself and your vehicle dirty by loading and unloading tires
  • Easy appointment booking
  • No more unavailable space in your home, shed, or garage!